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Aurélie Morgane

ARTS002Aurélie Morgane

The Æolia project is an initiative by actress and flutist Aurélie Morgane (30 Vies: Emmanuelle, Radio-canada; Les aventures fantastiques de Flonflon: Winner of the Opus 2011-2012 Production of the year award, author, co-director, performer [flute, vocals, accordion] and puppeteer). Inspired by theater studies (Laurier d'argent award, St-Hyacinthe theater school 2006) and classical music (OFQJ award and solo flute performance at FIMU 2001), the young artist wants, with the Æolia project, to color the artistic landscape with her unique creative touch, producing concerts where technological visual art and theatrical scenography play a major role. Aurélie Morgane is surrounded by established artists such as sound designers Pablo Bonacina, Steve Lalonde, Simon Lévesque and VJ Rovastar, so that her musical events can harmoniously blend scenic and visual arts, as she becomes a living work of art, a whirlwind of sound, color and movement.

The show: VOYAGE, a journey guided by the breath of Æolia in a colorful musical universe.

Æolia, half-bird half-goddess, imposes her terrifying beauty and majesty in her larger-than-life costume. She wears a dress with a giant peacock tail that serves as a screen for visual effects which are projected on it.

With her flute hooked up into a system of effects pedals (reverb, delay, harmonist, distortion and wah-wah) and accompanying fusion lounge soundtracks, Æolia presents captivating melodies and world rhythms, pulling us irresistibly into her sensual world where we live through a spellbinding, memorable sensory experience.

The show is designed to instill a festive atmosphere, to awaken the desire to dance on groovy rhythms or to simply allow yourself to be hypnotized by the beauty of the interplay of lights and shimmering projections on a giant costume.

The character: AEolia

From the ancient greek 'Aiolos' (Aeolus, master and steward of winds), Æolia is the goddess of the wind. Her avatar is a bird-woman, who is seen deploying her somptuous peacock tail or spreading her eagle wings. Her melodious chant comes from her silver flute. Æolia soars above the world and breathes into her musical flights exotic rythms and sounds.





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