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Kyoung Jin Lim

ARTS012Kyoung Jin LIM was born on the 12th of December of 1984 in Seoul, Korea.

He started his study with Antonio Dubatovka.

 He has won the 1 prized from Goyang LEA competition and 3rd prized Korean-German Brahms Association competition.

 After military service he moves to France for his study.

He studied classical flute and chamber music at The École Normale de Musique de Paris with renowned musician

 (Pierre-Yves ARTAUD, Yoann COUIX , Jean FERRANDIS ,Nina PATARCEC). During his study, He had many successful concerts in Paris.

He received «Certificat de diplôme flûte d’exécution » and « Diplôme Superieur de Musique de Chambre » from « École Normale de Supérieur de Musique de Paris Afred CORTOT ».

After then, he came back to South Korea. And he teaches several schools in Korea.
He invited several concerts in France and Korea. He active performs at many kind of concert in Korea recently.



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